Top 25 Reasons Why Jesus is False!






25 Reasons Why Jesus is False!


Please keep an open mind. If you are seeking truth, you can’t choose what truth will be bring out.
Honesty ask and seek for truth and prepare for whatever truth will reveal. The 25 Reasons Why Jesus is false will bring you down the rabbit hole of lies you have been told.


&Jesus claiming to be God is no surprise to some who believe he is God or part of 3 gods in 1. However, Yah made himself very clear. He is alone and no one is beside him





Praying in the name of an Elohim (God) other than Yah is a serious crime. Why do so many people pray in the name of Jesus if Yah hadn’t commanded this?  Do you realize their is no law requiring you to do that? As a matter of fact the laws speak against it





Jesus claims he is Everything: the Way, the Truth and Life. The Law and the Prophets staye otherwise





Yah only deals with Israel. This is his covenant. His special marriage he made with them. Why would anyone receive testimony from a foreigner about Yah? The New Testament was originally written in Greek! 







You can’t say Yahweh (YHWH) sent Jesus nor can you say his words are in the New Testament. The original manuscript and most translation speaks NOTHING concerning Yah. The so called  “Old Testament”, the Laws, Prophets and Songs do testify in Yah’s name.





Yahweh is married to Israel. He has asked his wife to return and his Prophesy shows that they will. Why is Jesus proposing to Israel then? Should Israel divorce Yah and marry a False Prophet?






The Uniqueness of the Israelites compared to the other nations is that the Israelites believed in One God and they didn’t sacrifice humans to their God.

Why is it then that Christians want you to believe in 3 Gods in One aka the Trinity. That is Paganism not Yahwism (worship of Yah). Blood sacrifice of Jesus a human and instructions from Jesus is all Pagan talk. Christians, your religion promotes Human sacrifice and you believe in more than 1 God. What separates you from a Pagan? Many of you are even practicing it each month as Holidays.













You may be shockef to learn tbat Jesus was a false prophet. He made many prophesies that didn’t come to pass. He was suppose to return in his generation.

Reread the lies you were told. Even his disciples made the same claims.











Why is Jesus claiming to Save the World? Yah is punishing people yet still for their sins everyday. According to Jesus, anyone who believes on him will be saved.

No one is saved by Jesus. Everyone is paying for their sins and the sins of their nation.

The True Saviors are revealed in the scriptures








Jesus didn’t commit a Black Lie (White Lies are Nig lies and Stealing Identities of a Nation), he straight out deceived his very own disciples. If you read the full story even his followers called him out on it. He had nothing to say.


















Besides the obvious fact that Yah never asked for a human sacrifice from one of our own people. We will put that on the shelf so to speak for now and tackle that later on.

Many claim that Jesus was without sin and therefore a perfect sacrifice. Baby’s are all born without sin. They are perfect. Why not sacrifice a baby if all you need is a sinless sacrifice? Many pagans willingly volunteered to their gruesome death for the sake of their people. What makes the act of Jesus any different than the other Pagan religions that require Human Sacrifice?

Long story short: Jesus was a sinner. To say he wasn’t is to call Yah a liar.






Human Sacrificing is strictly prohibited in the torah law. Our people frowned upon it as did Yah.







Wow! It is crazy to realize Christians believe in human sacrifice. They carry Jesus dead on a hot dog barbeque stick and don’t realize its human sacrifice of the worst kind. Not only do Christians believe in Human Sacrificing, the ritually ceremonially drink his blood and eat his flesh. This is because Jesus said to Not Observe Yah’s Passover, but to eat his flesh.

That is another law he broke.




Christians are delighted to have the grace of Jesus. Many are so scared to seek Yah’s mercy because









Jesus talked back to his parents and got punished for his sin being subject to them.











Jesus promoted wine & gluttony. Lead by good example. What would Jesus do? Go to a night club and eat with sinners. Then when you are called out and exposed. Tell them you converting sinners.




Gross Misdirection of Isaiah 7:14. The Greeks and Romans used New testament scriptures to misdirect Yah’s people from seeing the truth that was always there. In order to fool many people and instill Pagan values, they had to find a way to introduce the worship of a woman and a son. Isaiah 7:14 & Isaiah 8 was a great place to start. Only those who haven’t full read and understood the propheshies could be deceived. Unfortunately the many false Shepherds had a hand in deceiving Yah’s people.

Many deceptions in the scriptures. The rabbit hole only gets deeper from here. Prepare yourself for the truth.





Jesus was never raised from the dead.  Ezeikiel speak of Israel being cut off from land of living (Jer. 17:4) and then being Resurrected from dried bones. This is all metaphorically of course.






Yah refused ALL SACRIFICES and offerings because the sins of Israel was so great. Israelites had to go into Slavery to Suffer the curses of Deuteronomy 28. No one can die for your sins.

Even the New Testament says the Blood of Jesus can’t cover your sins if you keep sinning. So what is the point of Jesus dying on the cross or tree? (New Testament isn’t sure which way it happened)











Israel is Yah’s servant. Then why does he suffer? Jesus said he suffered only once for the sins of Israrl. But Israel suffers everyday for the sins of our forefathers.

Yah said that Israel would be punished for the sins of their forefathers to the 3rd and 4th generation. Even Deuteronomy speaks of the curses. Israelites, so called “Black people ″

The problem here is that Most Israelites haven’t let go of the Pagan Christian doctrine. You can’t get truth from your oppressor. That shouldn’t have to be told to you.







Born of the Seed of David? Root of Jesse. Fully human? Then he was a sinner. Romans 3:4 and Psalms 116:11

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Written by

Bayadwa Bahtyah

My name is Bayadwa, I am a Hebrew Israelite and I worship only YHWH.

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