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Thank you very much for the time and effort that you took in creating the video about the nephilim.


Truly speaking, I have fallen in love with your youtube feeds! The way you teach about “Virginity” and so on and forth.

Many Thanks sister! By the way! There is a very fascinating video-post of yours about ‘The origin of the white man’! Is this story/information document-able in literature? May the Almighty protect you under his wings!


It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has found this path, although I’m new to this I shall remain true to it. Your website has been a huge help to me and a few others ! So thank you and keep it up !!

Ricardo Armstead

I just noticed your guest book as I was listening to your statement. It is refreshing to hear from a sister who is a follower of YHWH and speaks with humility and clarity. I am 59, also a mother (son, age 30), single and a lifelong student of scripture and follower of YHWH. I do not belong to any congregation. Your web-site is wonderful. I visit almost daily and use it a s reference for study. I am retired and poor so I am unable to donate at this time. I am troubled at the tone of some of the Hebrew Israelites sites–the brothers are hostile toward women and very controlling. I cannot fellowship with people who seek to control, rather than edify their brothers and sisters. YAH bless you, sister

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