Sisters Wedding Day Dreams Shattered by Israelite Deceivers

Sisters Wedding Day Dreams Shattered by Israelite Deceivers

The shattered wedding day dreams is more common than you may think. Ask any sister, who say they worship Yah and well… they may be too ashamed to tell you the truth. Ask them how many times they have been “married” in the truth or had sex with an Israelite man who said and believed having sex makes you married. The answer, if told in truth, is shameful. But brothers should be ashsmed too. How many sisters have you played into your whoredom? Phone sex? Sexting? Or just straight up sex? Then all those woman you made not a wife you defiled. The ones you slept with you owe dowry to their father. Thats alot of money you owe. Whether or not you made her a wife. You owe this money. How much? 7 years of your income. 50 shekels was the equivalent to 7 years labour. Jacob worked 7 years for each of his wives. 7 years for ugly wife. 7 years for pretty wife. Oh, you thought he was the only one? Why was it so reasonable for Jacob to quickly agree to? Cause it was standard practice. Knowing how much men will owe if they sleep with a woman under her fathers house should stop the promiscuousness in Israel but the lie is being told.

I am here to say to sisters

It’s NOT your fault

We have been lied to. Having sex does not make one married.

If a man has sex with a woman it forces him to be obligated to marry her. He has to ask the father’s permission and its his right to say no if you are an unsuitable man for his daughter. Then you must pay the high dowry for sleeping with his daughter.

Instead of a wife, brothers are likely to get a fine or lawsuit in Israelite court if we actually kept this law.

Why do you think brothers who teach about marriage say hhh having sex makes you married?

Is it really not obvious?  I guess it is not cause you’re still reading this. Sisters are deceieved because they get their bible lesson from the man that wants to get in her pants (skirt)

  1. He does not want spend money
  2. He does not want to ask your father
  3. He does not want any witnesses to his crime he will commit against a trusting sister
  4. He never dreamed about a big wedding day so why would he want to be bothered with invitations, wedding dresses and wedding cakes
  5. He just wants to hurry to do the honey moon ceremony. Thus, having sex makes you married.

So its no surprise that the very first scriptures a woman is taught is…

  1. A man can have many wives
  2. Sex makes you married
  3. The man is the head of the house
  4. A woman must be quiet to learn
  5. Sometimes even… Woman are to support a man (Isa 4:1)

All lies and deception. No wonder women feel hated by Yah and abused by their so called husbands. They want to leave the relationship but not Yah so they stay for the sake of keeping the laws. If they can’t take anymore abuse, they leave and/or leave Yah altogether because they feel like a sinner, or adultress. This is sad because the day she left was the day she stopped being a whore.

What? Did I mistype? No

Having sex without following the stages of marriage is causing sisters to be whores. Then brothers have the nerve to complain there are no good sisters around.

If you played the whore, leave if you can and go to Daddy. Contact an Elder. Do it right. If you see the man is abusive tell your father and be free. Tell your Elder and give the man a dowry bill. Oh yes. Bills need to be sent out to many brothers.

Brothers need to man up and go to the womans father. Confess that you defiled her and ask for her hand in marriage (Gen. 34). Then pay your dowry whether he says yes or no.

I can not tell you how much to give but start with at least $3,000-15,000. A virgin righteous sister is worth $100,000 but we are an unrighteous nation with no court system in place. Innocence is being robbed and woman abused. We are not dealing in silver so giving 50 shekels weight of silver is about $500-800 . A slap in the face.

Fathers should hold their daughter in tightly to protect them from the deceitful men using flattery to take the young maids. If a man loves you. He should prove it. The father and mother sets the dowry. My daughter are not going out for less than 50k. A young man interested in a virtuous young daughter of mine will have to work for me 7 years if needed. I know my daughter’s worth. Sisters do you know yours? After a man sleeps with you how easy you think it was to get him to pay. Ok, then don’t make it hard on your father and hard on the Elders. Don’t allow yourself to be taking by flattery.

This world has dead beat dads. We need dead beat husbands. Maybe it will stop the whoredom and abuse. Women feel they have no voice and that the laws do not favor them but it is no so. A man interested in you is only gonna tell you the benefits for him.

You must share this truth so you can save sisters who are being defiled on the daily.

Ask a sister strong enough to admit to you. How many men she had slept with “in the truth ”

You may not want to hear this answer. They are fallen trap to having sex makes you married lie.

With no witnesses of any marriage its easy to hide the deceived relationship under the rug. You played the whore in your fathers house, if you slept with a man without asking for permission from your father. You should have been giving honor and respect and received a blessing from your father. Your mother should have helped you plan a wedding, get a dress and send out invitations. You should have gone cake tasting and choosen a wedding ring. Where is your beautiful day?

It was reduced to this…

There are stages to getting married. Don’t be a victim to a common crime.

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Written by

Bayadwa Bahtyah

My name is Bayadwa, I am a Hebrew Israelite and I worship only YHWH.

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